Image of volunteers outside George's Fishbar
Pizza Heroes

This week Murton Community Club teamed up with Murton Parish Council and George's Fishbar to deliver 'make your own pizza' kits to hundreds of households throughout the village. The dedicated team of volunteers managed to deliver over 450 kits over 5 days, they really are our very own pizza heroes. #MurtonCommunity #GeorgesFishbar

Old image of Bucknall's bakery on Woods Terrace
Pie and Peas

This week Murton Community Club teamed up with the co-op and Pauline Bucknall. Pauline kindly made 60 pies to give out with Mary Parry's mushy peas. One of our lovely residents in the village Brenda Williamson also baked pie and made peas. We would like to say a huge thank you, what a lovely community we have. We visited lots of local residents in the village. With social distance measures in place we safely chatted and just generally checked that every one was doing ok. 
#inittogether #Lockdown3 #murtonvillage 

Image of Rob delivering broth to doorstep
Broth Delivery

Murton Community Club recently teamed up with the co-op and Seaham Police to deliver home-made broth to local residents in Murton. Mary and Tommy Parry and Rob's Mam and Sad kindly made some home-made broth. This fresh warm broth was to be delivered to some of Murton's lovely residents . It was really lovely to see everyone. With social distance measures in place we were able to catch up with locals to ensure they were all doing well. We are always here if anyone ever needs any help with anything.

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  • Durham Place
  • Murton, Seaham
  • County Durham
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Murton Parish Council was established by the Local Government Act 1894, and held its first ever Meeting in a classroom at Murton Colliery School, on Tuesday 4th December 1894 . . . read more